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Who We Are

Triple Clean is the latest addition to Jasmine International Home Care Group, which had reached the Turkish market at the beginning of 2018. With its unique, strong formula against smudges, and delicate formula on the hands. Triple Clean is made for consumers who are looking for a new level of cleaniness, and are careful to keep the softness of their hands.

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Our Vision

Building a superior brand in the Arab and European markets, reaching the needs of consumers and producing world-class products that satisfy all markets

We Are Global

We Are In 19 countries

We Provide Our Product to 19 Countries And We Will Continue to Grow 


We are jasmine internatonal detergent factory In İstanbul turkey We manufacture household hygiene products Within the highest specifications and distinctive quality and suitable for all global markets Powder detergent Laundry washing detergent Liquid

When You Need Qualtiy Check US !

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